Aside from Photos I also shoot and edit video. Using mostly my GoProHD2 to film all of the action and iMovie 11' to do all the editing. Here are a few videos that I have created for myself and others. Nothing super fancy, but I love doing it as much as I love shooting photography. Enjoy!


December, 23 2012  Well the motor of my 2005 Subaru Sti motor went, number 4 piston had a cracked ringland. So I set up the camera and did a time lapse of the entire build process over 2.5 weeks long. There are some funny moments hidden in there.



November 7, 2012  I took a trip to Michigan and stopped my favorite shop, LoveFab, Inc and helped set up their new shop. We had to move all the NSX's in and on to all the lifts we just installed. I took a time lapse video of the process.


August 18, 2012  It was a beautiful day for the 2nd Annual Supercars on State Street benefiting the Breast Cancer Society. We had a lot of exotic cars out to show their support and to have a great time. It was bigger and better than last year and I expect that next year will be even bigger. I was in an 2012 Audi R8 Spyder V10 with the GoProHD2 filming the fun. Last years video can be seen by scolling down a little. Enjoy!


April 13, 2012  I took a small vacation and drove 12 hours down to Florida for Celebration exotic car festival. The day prior some of the cars were hitting the track at Daytona Speedway. Come to find out my friends at Team Pilota are there. Peter Lombardo gave me a ride in his Ferrari 430 Challange Race Car where we hit close to 200mph. Those bank turns were nothing that I had experienced before, my first time in a nomex suit thanks to my friend James. What a good day. The video does all the talking!

March 20, 2012  The Ferrari Club of America headed to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) to get some track time. I met up with some fellow Ferrari friends who owned some Ferrari Challange Race cars and was asked if I would like a few laps, you didn't have to ask me twice! 

Team Pilota's Ferrari 355 Challenge Race Car.

Team Pilota's Ferrari 360 Challenge Race Car.

My friend Howard in his Lamborghini Gallardo.


I took my STI on the track for a few parade laps with no passing.


February 19, 2012   Winston Salem, NC got some snow and someone once told me that the entire city shuts down when this happens. I had to see this, so I ventured out to have a look. They were right! Had I had better judgement, this video would not be here and the money I spent to fix the car would still be in my pocket. Live and learn.

February 18, 2012   I took the STI to the North Carolina Mountains for a little driving fun. I moved to NC for a job and wanted to learn the area, what a better way than driving some nice back roads in the morning.



January 28, 2012  had taken my 2005 STI down to IAG Performance in Maryland to get some new car parts put on and a get a tune. Jorge the tuner there, got the car car tuned and it is amazingly fast now. They do amazing work at IAG. Here is a quick video I threw together.


December 24, 2011 I had gotten the new GoProHD Hero 2 after selling my HD1 and really wanted to put it to the test. I decided to go for a drive through the back country and make a video and I must say, it turned out a lot better than I had thought. Take a look! *All driving was took place on a closed road, do not speed*


November 10, 2011 I left the morning of the 10th to drive to New Hampshire for a week. During that time up I had the GoProHD set to take a photo every 5-10 seconds to create a massive timelapse video. I think it came out pretty good, take a look!


October 22, 2011 I took a drive down to Virginia to take some photos of a friends Ferarri 458 Italia nero daytona. A beautiful Fall day and a GoProHD later, I have this. Crank those speakers up to hear the exhaust note, also be sure to click HD to see the true beauty of it!




August 13, 2011 Supercars on State Street was held in Harrisburg, PA to support the breast cancer foundation. I took the GoProHD out and got some footage. Over 40 exotic cars came out that day. I was in a Ferrari 550 all day and was able to get some great footage. Click on HD, to watch in High Definition



June 4th 2011 Is when we go up to Wellsboro, PA for the Waste Management Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally (STPR). A weekend of camping, friends and rally. This video was filmed with the GoProHD on stage 5 on Left Asaph. The video is small, but you can make it full screen below. Turn those speakers up!




December 26th 2010 The day after Christmas we got some snow, almost a white Christmas! The East Coast gets snow here and there, nothing like New England. So we get pretty excited when we get a few inches here and there. In York, Pa we got about 2-3 inches in some parts. Enough to have a little fun, I grabbed the GoProHD and did just that. Shoot in a controled enviroment of an overflow parking area.



January 11th 2011 or 1-11-11 After returning home from playing in the snow in Harrisburg with some car buddies, I noticed my favorite place across from my apartment was open and free of cars. Once a hospital over flow parking now has the best lighting for trying new ideas for videos. Wanting to try a 2 angle shot movie I slapped the GoProHD on and had some fun. Shoot in a controled enviroment of an overflow parking area.