Lets face it, no one has perfect skin, even super models and not all the time do you want to use a make up artist. It not uncommon for someone to show up with a blemish or a scar they got when they were five and do not want it in a photo or a tattoo for that matter. That is why with all my shoots do, I included free photo retouching. A lot of extra work on my end, but I do not believe in handing out photos that you or I am not happy with or looking at. Don't get me wrong, if you have a giant hippo on your back that you want taken out, I probably will not be doing that, but most anything else I will gladly lend my services.

We will use the face as an example. Aside from removing blemishes and scars or anything else of that nature. A lot of people may have darkening under the eyes or smeared mascara which can be lighted up or removed. The image to the left is a great example. The subject  looks great, but there are a few things that needed touched up to make the photo perfect.

Photo retouching is not limited to people. If you look to the right you can see the Bugatti Veryon with the tender in the photo. Look at the after and the tender and license plate has been removed. Even if I didn't take the photos, you can contact me about photos that you need retouched or old photos you want to look new again. If I didn't take the photos and you want them retouched, I will charge a small fee depending on how much retouching is needed. Compared to what a full time retoucher would charge, I charge about 400% less. Why? I want people to have good looking photo's. If you are interested you can shoot me an email by clicking here.