Anyone can take a photograph, whether if its with a $3,000 SLR or a $5 disposable 35mm that you have to wind 30 times. A real photographer is able to see what most people don't see when taking a photo. What makes a photographer a photographer is their ability to see beyond what most people see when taking a photograph. I have this ability to capture emotion and the angles create the shots you desire.

My style of photography is a little different than most. I am not one to tell you to look into the distance or position your hand and do the thinking man. I can be a  director, but I would rather be a  photographer. I am not going to direct you to do different things. I am full of ideas, creativity, pointers and guidance to assist in capturing the perfect moment. Remember, it's all about having fun! People tend to forget that sometimes. I love taking photos that come naturally and I want to see a smile that is genuine and not simulated.

If you look around the website you will notice that a lot of the photos are my personal photos, as well as clients I have shot. This site is to showcase my work that I have done over the years. Over the past year I have been capturing different models and all of them have never modeled before, which added a new aspect on shooting. I also designed this website as well, take a look around!

If you have any questions or would like to set up a photo session send me an email
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- I am located in Kansas City, MO and will travel at the clients request.